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It is clear to all thoughtful humans
that the winds of Bush
blow against liberty and justice for all!

I pledge allegiance to the flag
of the United States of America
and to the republic for which it stands,
one nation,
with liberty
and justice for all.
~ Francis Bellamy, 1892

The limits of tyrants
are prescribed by the endurance
of those whom they oppress."
~ Frederick Douglass, 1857

We are not going to take it anymore!

Take charge of your democracy!

There is a difference between casualties of war and casualties of lies.
There is a difference between an election victory and a presidential exaggeration.
Technological fraud or deliberate fraud still makes a false president.
Do we have a president of truth or a tyrant?
Welcome to the millennium of Lord of the Flies.
Children should not play with guns.
There are frighteningly clear Orwellian and Heinleinian parallels.
These and other literary visionaries, were once considered only science fiction.
Does the populous accept fiction
more readily as reality
once they have been exposed to it
and innundated by it?
Open your eyes...

Politics, Theory, and Media Links (Ever Expanding!)

Chuckles Rant Continues! (Forever active!)
Further empower yourselves!
Remove all Republican and conservative
senators, congressmen, governors and mayors,
who support this administration!
Threaten their jobs and future power!

The Chuckles "A" List.
(Please include yourself by vocal action!)
Now with a Purged Bushites link!

The people here are trying valiantly to point to the truth. Keep pointing.

Visionary movies to see
to understand our political plight.

New York Subway Fare Hike Protest!

Must we pay for a deception rooted in the Guliani administration?
We will incur the exorbitant cost for generations to come?
We must counteract his infrastructure dilapidating policies!

First there was...
The Peaceful, Asphalt Roots Press Release.

The Sound Off 2004! Protest
Everybody was doing it and is still doing it! Participate!
(even Air America Radio's Al Franken emulated it with their Shout Out America...)


Project Project: Phase Two: Sound Wave 2004...
Now activated to destroy Bush's propagana machine
and dwindling power!


Next Project Project Phase: Two B or not To Be. Coming soon...

Imminent: The Three Stooges Theory of Political Usurpation

(Please see PhatPhly.com for more info.)

Impeach Bush before he manipulates another election!
Ooooops, they figured out how to do it again.

It's our Constitution not his to rewrite and abuse!
Now he is really reengineering America in his own stilted image.

Bush is the worst president we have ever had. We predicted it before he was installed, feel the dissonance now and will for generations to come! Our country is clearly "depressed" in every way. Both nationally and internationally, "confidence" in the U.S. as a leader of Justice and Democracy has been trounced based solely on Bush's total lack of veracity and ineptness. FIRE HIM! Bush works for us and the majority of American's didn't even hire him!

A vicious idiotic president is a reflection of a vicious idiotic populous.
Only the greatest country can surpass the greatest attrocities.
The "W." stands for Adolf.

How we can win in 2006. Vote them out!

Bush Countdown Clock! Now counting up to his inevitable end.

A Cavalcade of Bush Quotes! (Keep listening if you can bear it.)

Proof that even "God" is angry at those who support Bush!

The Bush Coup is complete, with all branches of government now at his disposal.
Remember to vote him out in 2006. He will be impeached eventually! Remove these insults from office!

Use your power to VOTE!!!

Download this "GW Bush, Jr. Resume". I felt it was well worth disseminating. He will go down in history as the worst CEO ever.
It would be funny if it wasn't frighteningly truthful. It's provided as a public service in .doc format. Please add his recent failings for yourself...

GW Bush, Jr's resume in Word®

Before there were bloated blogs being big Media Marketed. Before we got a lascivious hypocritical President installed. There was... THE STARR DOGS ©. Brought to you in it's last rendered form, wood grain and all. Read it and remember that moment. Then understand the calculated, vicious predicament our freedoms are in now.

To our army personnel, who must follow orders: Your dedication is forever heartening.
Come home whole and with peace. Links here to help our brave.
Bush is still wrong. The war is still on. Soldiers are dying daily.

If you have a comment or find a broken link please e-mail me at: zorn@bway.net or chuckles@bway.net

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