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On October 18th at sunrise, yell, "NO MORE BUSH!"
or anything else you want to, but do yell it loudly and start the wave!

Project Project: Phase Two: Sound Wave 2004

(The Project Project method's will remain in perpetuity
as a constitutionally protected method of proclaiming dissent,
especially in times of usurpation from within.)

Sound Off! 2004

Phase Two: Sound Wave 2004!

An Audible wave of dissent will travel by citizen's chorus from the East coast to the West coast.

From sunrise on the Atlantic coast to sunset on the Pacific coast.
On the morning of Monday, October 18th, 2004 to dusk of the same day,
communities of concerned and appalled individuals in America will carry a wave of protestation,
declaring a message that we know what true freedom is and Bush ain't it!

We insist on a duly elected president and vice president, and that will be John Kerry and John Edwards!

Find out your sunrise and sunset here.

A future without Bush!
A future to reclaim the real America!
A future to be proud and not embarrassed and hated.

A future without deception, death and waste.

Coordinate with your neighbors, protest together, project your dissent, demand redress,
sound off for what you have witnessed these four tragic years of constitutional abuse and Jam it loudly,
yell, proclaim with your friends and pass it on across America.
Jamming Bush into a well deserved retirement from political perversion,
a permanent testament of this embarrassing moment in our history.

Pass it on America!

Ride the Sound Wave of Dissent!

Exclaim and demand redress for Bush's crimes against our very foundations of democracy!

Ride the Sound Wave 2004!

Bury Bush and his sheep with Sound!

Get together your bands, your groups of friends, families, entire commmunities!
Articulate loudly and musically if you can, or just make noise!

Send a Sound Wave across our country on October 18th!
Make Washington hear that we will not take it anymore!

Watch Peter Finch's movie "Network" for inspiration!

Download the Sound Wave PDF for easy dissemination soon!
Ride the Sound Wave!!! PDF®

Charles Alexander Zorn, All ©2004

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