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Thank You for coming to my site and listening.

The American people were heard and will continue to be!
Demand that our elected officials really represent us!

The "STARR DOG" Papers,
will continue to bear that name
even though Starr should disappear into the void of useless history.
I will be reporting on the world's perspective
of these and other more pressing issues that confront our world.

Get involved!
Voice it clearly! NOW!

Try to read some of my earlier calls for sanity.
Here are prior commentaries from this page:
To some of my earlier patriotic rantings

To be active and get in touch with our government... First, find out the name of your U.S. representatives. You can do this on the web.
You will need your zip code (including the +4 digits). You can find this at:
Representative's Name
Then, use it to find your US Congress person at this site:
Your congress person
To find your who your Senators are, visit this site:
Your Senator

Second, you have two options:
TO CALL: To call your U.S. representative's office,
please call the congressional switchboard operator at 202-225-3121.
The operator will ask you for your zip code if you do not know who your U.S. representative is.

TO FAX: To fax your U.S. representative,
please call your U.S. representative's office or e-mail MPP@MPP.ORG for his or her fax number.
If you choose to e-mail MPP, please be sure to include your U.S. representative's name.

Look here for updates and new links...Get involved!...Feel free to create dialogues because our future and the future of the constitution is at stake. Unless you are willing to let your personal lives be pried into also... Meanwhile ask the stone throwers a few personal questions too and see who is sleeping with whom! This is because and rather naturally, in spite of all and even themselves, we are all human!


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