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How to win in 2004.

Everyone must vote for the lead Democrat.

Back up the one person chosen at the Democratic Convention.

If you haven't voted before, there is no time with a more serious need than now.

No Republicans.

No Conservatives.

They are cut from the same cloth as Bush.

Even the good ones know their reputations are ruined for years.

No half-assed, well-intentioned futuristic candidates.

We're no longer civilized enough for that. Perhaps the near future.

One chance to get Bush out and fix all he has decimated.

One vote times many angry Americans willing to try to get their vote counted against the deceiver Bush.

We can win even with Republican devious redistricting and the traitor justices waiting to deny freedom again.

One time to fix our reputation in this profound moment of America's soiled history.

One Democrat chosen.

One future pieced back together for and by the majority of Americans
who are not rich enough to benefit from this President's policies.

Vote for the one Democrat chosen.

We will all feel better then.

All else is an illusion.


Make it count

Charles Alexander Zorn, All ©2004

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