Updated: 2/22/05

New York Subway Fare Hike Boycott: Part Two! The Sequel.

They raise fares, cut back service and call it better!
Every Third Saturday of the month is now...
The New York Saturday Subway Boycott!

It's our Boston Tea Party, but now...
we are throwing their inflated, substandard service rides
back at them with tandem regularity!

They are doing it again!
This re-hike is a lascivious, intemperate tax on working New Yorkers!

This is rooted in the Benito Guiliani Social Reengineering Dogma, designed to demean, diminish and separate hard working New Yorkers, whilst making our normal rhythm discordant.

If you can walk to work do. I'm sure we'd all bike if we could too. But if you have to take the subway...try this:
Addended: They changed the use of unlimited ride from 4 swipes to only one so we could not do this...

Be creative!
Think of new ways to avoid subway use
until they stop abusing us!

Old Protest:
If you can afford an unlimited card each week, use it for as many people as you can when you are commuting. Be generous. Let your fellow straphangers in for free! Fellow New Yorkers are generous. Let others ride on you!

UPDATE: There are two types of cards. The unlimited card will only allow one use at a time and some time must elapse (about 18 minutes) before it can be used again. A patient protestor of the fare hike might wait to let a fellow strap hanger ride for free or make a point, even when not riding, to go down to the turnstiles and let someone in for free. Or when emerging at your destination, use it to let a random entering rider in for free. Try it! It feels great! Let them know why you are doing it! The other type of card will allow four consecutive uses. Unfortunately this is not an unlimited card so generosity will actually cost. These rules are in place to stop use of the cards to the detriment of MTA profit.

If we all do this the hike will be less profitable and a lesson will be learned by those imposing such a hike without properly asking first. New York is not the facist State and City that Guliani and Pataki would like us to accept without arguement. Set the standard!

Now that the weather is looking up walk or bike everywhere! That is the best boycott method.
Make a point of saying you are walking to boycott the hike!


Impeach Pataki! Impeach Bush! Guiliani ruined our city and now we are paying the price!
Out with the Facists and reclaim our democracy!

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