Chuckles "A" List

These are people who care enough to defend our democracy against the fascist Right!

The "A" stands for Americans
or those who understand what America means
more than the Bush Administration!
I am now including international people
who understand how this administration
is an insult to freedom!

At a time when we need role models, these people have shown honesty, clarity and bravery
in the face of a maniacal, dishonest president and administration.
Be articulate and vocalize! Protest! March! Maintain culture, diversity and freedom!
Unite against these misguided hypocrites!
Vote them out of office and end this appalling moment in American history.

More will be added to this list shortly.
Please look them up and listen to what they are saying (or said).
This is a sad time in our history
when many in our installed government
are either saying nothing or blatantly lying.
The re-monopolization of media strengthens this position.
Such is the standard of the "right" now.
It is the "art" of rhetoric when it becomes dangerous and unchecked.
There are other examples in history of this.
Are we facilitating another dangerous moment in history?

Removed from A list.

Chuckles "A" List

[Please note these Republican Senetors have a chance at saving their careers in 2008 and the future because they voted with Democrats against escalation in Iraq. They are listed here on a probationary basis. Maybe they have some backbone and ethics.

Sens. John W. Warner (Va.), Chuck Hagel (Neb.), Gordon Smith (Ore.), Norm Coleman (Minn.), Arlen Specter (Pa.), Olympia J. Snowe (Maine) and Susan M. Collins (Maine)]

Neil Abercrombie
Steve Adubato
Christiane Amanpour
Martin Anderson
Alexander Alland, Jr.
Thad Allen
T.D. Altman
Erik Alterman
Nan Aron
Burt Bacharach
Jenny Backus
Marty J. Bahamonde
Alec Baldwin
Tammy Baldwin
Dan Barker
Emily Bazelon
Warren Beatty
Harry Belefonte
Lloyd Bentsen
Joseph Biden
Kathleen Babineaux Blanco
Julian Bond
Robert L. Borosage
Barbara Boxer
David Brancaccio
Arron Broussard
Corrine Brown
David Brock
Sherrod Brown
Steve Buscemi
Robert Byrd
Maria Cantwell
lois Capps
Jean Carnahan
Mel Carnahan (deceased)
Howard W. Carroll
Jimmy Carter
James Carville
Noam Chomsky
Philip Clapp
William Lacy Clay
Eleanor Clift
Bill Clinton
Hilary Rodham Clinton
George Clooney
Stephen Cobert
David Cole
Kenneth Cole
Congressional Black Caucus
Joe Conason
Kent Conrad
John Conyers
Anderson Cooper
Matt Cooper
Jon Corzine
Elvis Costello
Walter Cronkite
Elijah Cummins
Mario Cuomo
Chuck D.
Tom Daschle
Danny Davis
Howard Dean
John Dean
William Delahunt
Martha Diaz
The Dixie Chicks
Lloyd Doggett
James Doyle
Dr. Dre
Peggy Drexler
Richard Durbin
Steve Earle
John Edwards
Rahm Emanuel
Nora Ephron
Bonnie Erbe
Lane Evans
James Fallows
Sam Farr
Dianne Feinstein
Bob Fertik
Virgina Fields

Jane Fonda
Barney Frank
Kinky Friedman
Tom Friedman
Laura Flanders
Larry Flynt
Kim Gandy
Dick Gephardt
Janine Gerafolo
Jeremy M. Glick
Solomon Goodrich
Al Gore
Bunnitine Greenhouse
Christine Gregoire
Raul M. Grijalva
Charles Grodin
Al Gore
Alfred Goodwin
Luis Gutierrez
Maggie Gyllenhaal
David Habecker
Marci Hamilton
Chris Hedges
Richard Heffner
Bob Herbert
Alan Hevasi
Maurice D. Hinchey
Rush Holt
Liz Holtzman
Scott Horton
Steny Hoyer
D.L. Hughley
Daniel Inouye
Steve Isreal
Molly Ivans
Jesse Jackson, Sr.
Jesse Jackson, Jr.
Kyle Jason
Peter Jennings
Penn Jillette and (Raymond) Teller
Stephanie Tubbs Jones
Vernon E. Jordan Jr.
Marty Kaplan
Diane Keaton
Bryan Keefer
Paul Keller
Caroline Kennedy
Robert Kennedy, Jr.
John Kerry
Carolyn C. Kilpatrick
Larry Klayman
Jerry Kleczka
Shelby Knox

Larry Kramer
Dennis Kucinich
Andrew Kirtzman
Matthew LaClair
Susan Lacy

Barbara Lee
Carl Levin
Sheila Jackson Lee
Jim Lehrer
Carl Levin
Sander Levin
John Lewis
Joseph Lieberman
Nita M. Lowey
Barry Lynn
John R. MacArthur
Rachel Maddow
Norman Mailer
Mike Malloy
Carolyn Maloney
David Mamet
Jimmy Massey
Edward Markey
Marc Maron
Bill Marr
Robert Matsui

Robert McChesney
Jim McDermott
Arron Mcgruder
Cynthia Mckinney
John McLaughlin
Gregory Meeks
Robert Menendez
Bette Midler
Barbara A. Mikulski
George Miller

Mark Crispin Miller
Carol Moesley-Braun
Walter Mondale
Michael Moore
Jim Moran
Viggo Mortensen
Bill Moyers
Patty Murray
John Murtha
Jerrold Nadler
Ray Nagin
Robert Neas
Willie Nelson
Michael Newdow
John Nickols
Elenor Holmes Norton
David Obey
Barack Obama
Jim Oberstar
Laurence O'Donnell
Tom Oliphant
Major R. Owens
Clarence Page
Frank Pallone Jr.
Don Payne
Mike Papantonio
Sean Penn
Nancy Pelosi
Steven Pinker
Valerie Plame
Ted Rall
Charles Rangel
Ron Reagan
Harry Reid
Rob Reiner
Connie Rice (not Condoleezza)
Susan Rice
Mark Riley

Randi Rhodes
Tim Robbins
Charlie Rose
Peter J. Rubin
Bobby Rush
Tim Russert
Bernie Sanders
Susan Sarandon
Jan Schakowsky
Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.
Deborah Wasserman Schultz
Chuck Schumer
Jose E. Serrano
Mark Shields
Ron Silver
Peter Singer
Al Sharpton
Travis Smiley
Pete Stark
Cindy Sheehan
Martin Sheen
Brad Sherman
Susan Spath
Jerry Springer
Debbie Stabenow
Peter Stark
John Stewart
Martha Stewart
Barbara Streisand
Ray Suarez

Julia Sweeney
Stuart Taylor Jr.
Bennie Thompson
Laurence H. Tribe
Desmond Tutu
Louis Uchitelle
Rufus Wainwright
Maxine Waters
Diane Watson
Henry Waxman
Jim Webb
Paul Welstone (deceased)
Robert Wexler
Lawrence Wilkerson
Frederica Wilson
Genarlow Wilson
Joseph Wilson 4th
Lizz Winstead
Tim Wise
Susan Wood
Lynn Woolsey
Ron Wyden
Kurt Vonnegut
Fareed Zakaria
Howard Zinn
James Zogby
Mortimer B. Zuckerman

-Millions of others are speaking out and pointing to the truth,
some are even going to jail or dying for it.
Thank you!

If you would like to suggest others
who are articulate in distinguishing freedom
and what the Bush administration is touting as it
as he destroys it,
feel free to e-mail me with who and why to: or

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