What am I doing with my time these days?

My time seems to divide up between my freelance projects, and a few ongoing clients which have a longer arc of involvement, though they are seldom full-time. Here is an overview of both.

Photo of Threepenny Opera


Photo of Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

Photo of Richard III

Richard III

Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night

Photo Folk Rock legend Al Stewart (courtesy Kevin Smith)

Al Stewart

Photo of 431 of My Closest Friends

431 of My
Closest Friends

Photo of The Archbishop's Ceiling

The Archbishop's

Photo of Pig


Photo of The Last Song of John Proffit

The Last Song of
John Proffit

Photo of Dammit Shakespeare


Photo of FFFN

Free Food and
Frontal Nudity

Photo of Swing
The Big Band

Lighting for Live Music


Since 1994, I have been affiliated with a string of bands based in New York and elsewhere, doing lighting for them in small venues, and occasionally some larger ones. They have included:

Here's a partial list of venues:

A sample of the Seems music is available to multimedia-capable browsers. It's from the song "Nature of It."

Event Lighting

That's what I have been doing. If anything on this list is currently available to your area, I hope you can make it by to see that. If you wish to know more, write me at the address below.

Contact Info:

Jeremy Kumin
E-mail: jkumin@bway.net
FAX: (718) 875-3596
My ISP: bway.net
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