Above image created with the old float version of Fermat.

The latest versions of Fermat can now run on Windows, thanks to the efforts of Bogdan Radu. Windows 10 introduced a new feature, named WSL (or the Windows Subsystem for Linux), which allows a user to natively run Linux applications within a Windows environment. See the instructions available here written by Bogdan Radu. May 2021.

Release of Fermat Source Code. The source code for version 6.21 was released under GNU GPL in August 2018. If you are interested in having a copy, and have not done so recently, email me.

Update: The source code for version 6.37 was released under GNU GPL in June 2020.

The manual for the 64 bit Linux and Mac versions has been updated. September 27, 2023.

New 64 bit Fermat 7.5, with greatly improved multivariate polynomial factoring. February 28, 2024; February 11, 2024; January 11, 2024; November 29, 2023; July 23, 2023.

New 64 bit Fermat 6.5, with vastly improved multivariate polynomial gcd ever since 6.0. June 25, 2021.

Fermat Linux as a C Library. revised September 5, 2023

Compare Your Computer Algebra System. Take the Fermat Tests! September 2015.

   Fermat is freeware. Those who have grant money are requested to contribute $70 per installed machine.

   ball 64 bit Versions of Fermat, Version 5.25 July 5, 2016

   ball Mac OS X Intel Version of Fermat Available, 32 bit. 3.9.9x, revised July 5, 2016

   ball Float Versions of Fermat Now Available. April 22, 2015

   ball Linux Version of Fermat. 3.9.9x, revised July 5, 2016

   ball Fermat Very Impressive in Comparison of Computer Algebra Systems

   ball HTML and PDF Versions of the Manuals:

Revised PDF and HTML Manuals for Linux,Windows, and OS X. September 2023, small revisions April and June 2016, March 2020, March 30, 2021.

   ball Fermat FAQ frequently asked questions.

   ball Old Mac OS X G3-G5 Version of Fermat Available. 3.9.9x, revised October 8, 2010, for old G3-G5 Macs.

   ball "New" Windows Version of Fermat. 3.9.9x, March 28, 2013

   ball Unix Version of Fermat Available. 3.6.9, revised December 15, 2005

   ball Old Obsolete Windows Version of Fermat. 3.6.9, revised October 29, 2007

   ball Mac OS 9 (Obsolete) Version of Fermat Available. 3.7.0, revised October 29, 2007

   ball Source Code for Old Windows Version Available. April 17, 2010

   ball Source Code for FFermat Now Available. January 19, 2009

  Here is a documented collection of functions that implement the Dixon-EDF method for solving systems of polynomial equations in Fermat.    Matteo Fael, Fabian Lange, Kay Schonwald and Matthias Steinhauser. Three-loop b -> sg vertex with current-current operators. ArXiv ePrint: 2309.14706 (2023)
   J. Rada, M. Zamboj. 3-D Shadows of 4-D Algebraic Hypersurfaces in a 4-D Perspective. arXiv:2307.12986 [math.GM] (2023)
   Schonwald. Massive form factors at O(alpha^3_s). arXiv:2207.06705v1 [hep-ph] (2023)
   M. Fael, F. Lange, K. Schonwald, M. Steinhauser. Massive vector form factors to three loops. arXiv:2202.05276v1 [hep-ph] (2022)
   V. Shtabovenko. Towards two- and three-loop QCD corrections to the width difference in Bs − Bs mixing. SciPost Phys. Proc. 7, 025 (2022)
   M. Gerlach, U. Nierste, V. Shtabovenko, M. Steinhauser. The width difference in B--B mixing at order alpha_s and beyond. Journal of High Energy Physics V. 2022, article number 6, (2022).

Revised Manual for Linux and OSX. June 25, 2021

ball Suggested donation $70, using PayPal. (You don't have to have a PayPal account.)