Above image created with the old float version of Fermat.

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Really New 64 bit Versions of Fermat Now Available, Version 5.17 October 20, 2014

   ball Fermat is Overall Best in the World at Polynomial GCD

   ball Mac OS X Intel Version of Fermat Now Available. 3.9.9x, revised March 28, 2013

Float Versions of Fermat Now Available. March 28, 2013

   ball Mac OS X G3-G5 Version of Fermat Available. 3.9.9x, revised October 8, 2010

   ball Linux Version of Fermat Now Available. 3.9.9x, revised March 28, 2013

   ball New Windows Version of Fermat. 3.9.9x, March 28, 2013

   ball Unix Version of Fermat Available. 3.6.9, revised December 15, 2005

   ball Old Obsolete Windows Version of Fermat. 3.6.9, revised October 29, 2007

   ball Mac OS 9 Version of Fermat Available. 3.7.0, revised October 29, 2007

   ball Source Code for Old Windows Version Available. April 17, 2010

   ball Source Code for FFermat Now Available. January 19, 2009

   ball Fermat Very Impressive in Comparison of Computer Algebra Systems

   ball HTML and PDF Versions of the Manuals:

Revised PDF and HTML Manuals for Linux,Windows, and OS X. July 25, 2011

  Here is a documented collection of functions that implement the Dixon-EDF method for solving systems of polynomial equations in Fermat.   Ablinger, Blumlein, DeFreitas, Hasselhuhn, von Manteuffel, Round, Schneider, Wissbrock, "The transition matrix element Agq(N) of the variable flavor number scheme at O(alpha s^3)". Nuclear Physics B, February 2014.
  Sebastiano Vigna, "An experimental exploration of Marsaglia's xorshift generators, scrambled". Universita degli Studi di Milano, Italy. http://vigna.di.unimi.it/ftp/papers/xorshift.pdf. May 2014.

Revised Manual for Linux and OSX. July 25, 2011

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