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The Sound-Off vs. the RNC Protest 2004
aka: The Project Project

and will continue as a tool against this administration
until we win the the election.

May it forever be in our repetoire of protest tools
protected by the constitution
against corporate owned media, fascism and others
who would diminish democracy for private interests
and call it freedom!
Continue to project your frustration and discontent!

Download the Sound Off! PDF for easy dissemination!
Sound Off!!! PDF®

To make Manhattan, all the tri-state and boroughs a sounding board for our discontent,
we will make our cities a vertical amplified speaker, projecting our opinions to the Texas invaders.
(Other cities please join in.)

-a publicly offered invitation by Charles Alexander Zorn

The Republicans are coming!
The Republicans are coming!

It is a veritable Invasion of the New York-Snatchers
(see Three Stooges Theory of Political Usurpation).

New Yorkers know how to respond to the invading Republicans!
Be stern and sound off!

This is a sound protest of the RNC 2004 convention in NYC.
Their dishonesty disgusts us. We will let it be known loudly and vocally.

They will try to stop our pronouncements so we must find ways in which we can express our discontent and avoid governmental inhibition.

Preamble and disclaimer: One must obey the law as to protest effectively.
We are not responsible for individual actions
but trust our fellow citizens to articulate safely and observe the law.

NYC law prohibits disturbing the peace before 8:30 am and 11:30pm. Check your area local police for specific ordinances. Community consensus of these synchronized, yet decentralized events and use of private space means "the peace" is not disturbed but utilized for a common goal.

This protest is a vocal and audible protest based on a consensus of free NYC neighbors to use private patios, roof gardens, and windows to communicate discontent with the Bush administration and express publicly that a liberal New York is not the place for a convention of inflexible liars.

This cannot be suppressed a la Neo-Giuliani, fascist methods.
Our protest is a veritable "shout from the roof tops" of New Yorkers!
Beginning at 7pm to 7 am on August 29th through Sept 3rd.

The Republicans will hear protests and criticisms from our very windows, on every half hour. Yell anything you like at them every half hour. All may prepare for the midnight music jam as well, a three-day extravaganza of accumulated proclamations.

At midnight join other protestors in legal outdoor spaces (including the space outside of windows) to play live critical music loudly. Try to synchronize with other roof tops or others within earshot. Eventually we will be a chorus of the first jamming New York Roof, Patios and Window Protest.

It will be a refreshing change, our answer to Republican dogma, our Truth in Tandem.
Invent lyrics of protest and yell them/sing them proudly!
Three days of yelling our disgust at these insurgents.
Do not let them enjoy one moment in NYC. Let them know our discontent!
Confront them on the streets and from your windows!

Protest the Republicans taking over New York.
Descend on New York and march all over the place!
Move in for the duration, sleep on benches, stick flowery signs in their faces!
Take back New York!

The Republicans are Here!! The Republicans are Here!!
Vote Them Out!

Charles Alexander Zorn, All ©2004

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