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First and foremost, I am very sorry.

My e-mail Press Release was not a spam.

Although unsolicited in some cases,
everyone on my list are advocates of freedom,
contesting Bush's self-righteous agenda.
As well, my mailing was not indiscriminate.
The program that commandeered it was.

"I am not a spammer, I am a human being!"

I would like to extend my sincerest apologies for the spam-like turn my recent press release took.

After one click of my send button,
the "Sound Off 2004" press release was retransmitted repeatedly
by a rouge program hidden on one companies computer on my list,
unbeknownst to them or me.
By all indications, commandeered unintentionally.

The program was Argosoft's Mail Server, a shareware program.

This derelict program was only discovered after three days of turbulent searching
in four cities with numerous administrators and technologists,
who answered my call for help.

Especially when the political stakes are so high,
this unintended surge of e-mail was sincerely regrettable.
My e-mail was not a spam; it had full contact and disclosure information.

I heartily thank
those who were patient
and communicated the problem to me so insightfully and accurately.
And when barraged and bogged down,
understood the unfortunate, unintentional nature of this incident
for all involved, including me.

Since our opponents would incite us and divide us
and use anger as a weapon in their arsenal of destruction.
We must stay calm and articulate. Together we can overcome.
It will frustrate them all the more as they lose what they should have never had.

I again sincerely apologize for the hindrance, inconvenience and frustration of this untimely event.

May we all be resilient in these times of oppression
and cohesive in our extirpating this false president
and the diliberate damage they have done.
May we be clear and coherent,
emphatic not angered,
to take back our country,
our America,
our freedom!

Thank you again for banding together and understanding.
Now Sound Off!
Let the truth be known loudly!


Charles Alexander Zorn, All ©2004

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