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Sound Off RNC Protest 2004
(aka: Project Project)
Note: This list may contain mature language.

Thanks for sending in your ideas. Keep them coming!

Protestations: A list from Citizens

¨Proud to be Stupid!¨
¨Four more Wars!¨
¨We demand an Apology, now get out of office!¨
¨Occupation is not Liberation!¨
¨Haliburton is not Democracy!¨
¨Fuck Bush!¨
¨Ruck Fush!¨
¨Republicans are either: Stupid, Gullible or Mislead. Which do you want to be remembered as?¨
¨Running a country should not be left to angry, misguided children that lie.¨
¨Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free and Bush will ignor them.¨
¨Bush and those that support him are assured a place in Hell. Maybe even their own layer!¨
¨All the kings horses and all the kings men, can apparently ruin a free country!¨
¨More historical proof: Traitors can be falsely elected.¨
¨Apologize and get out of our city!¨
¨Bush, Dick and Colin, an orgy of the rich, only we get screwed!¨
¨Forget the Alamo, remember 2000!¨
¨The Republicans are Coming!!! The Republicans are coming!!!¨
¨It feels like the Nazi's taking Paris!¨
¨Republicans: The Great Dividers!¨
¨Republicans: Sophistry defined.¨
¨Republicans: Say one thing, do another.¨
¨Even Reagan is turning in his grave!¨
¨Fire the whole administration on election day!¨
¨Bush, jr.: The Ultimate Mismanager.¨
¨Bush, Jr.: Indifferent and Incautious¨
¨Compassionate Conservative? A Merciless Radical!¨
¨Do you vote for lies or vote for truth?¨
¨Four more years of discomfort, fear and lies.¨
¨Are you better off now than four years ago?¨
¨Charlie Brown, Looked down and all he got was a war.¨
¨Insults, injury, what else will they give us?¨
¨Deliberate Lies, Waste Lives!¨
¨Stop Bush!¨
¨Bush Lies, Who Dies?¨
¨Republicans: The Real Flip-Floppers!¨
¨Apologize and relinqish America!¨
¨I want Bush out!¨
¨Profits over people.¨
¨Oil SLick Georgie, the golden oil boy!¨
¨Bush: Hoping to secure America as a dictatorship in 2004.¨
¨ Bushokio¨
¨ Rupugnicans¨
¨ Decepticans¨
¨ ¨
¨ ¨
¨ ¨
¨ ¨
¨ ¨
¨ ¨

Charles Alexander Zorn, All ©2004

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