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Published by Raymond J. Noonan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Chair, Health and Physical Education Department, Fashion Institute of Technology of the State University of New York (FIT-SUNY), and SexQuest/The Sex Institute, NYC, for the benefit of students and other researchers interested in the human aspects of the space life sciences.

Dr. Ray Noonan’s Archives of NASA’s Sex in Space and Humans in Space Web Pages

Background on These Pages

As final revisions were being made to my dissertation, A Philosophical Inquiry into the Role of Sexology in Space Life Sciences Research and Human Factors Considerations for Extended Spaceflight, I noticed that NASA’s “Sex in Space” page—indeed, all of these Web pages—appeared to have been discontinued by NASA. They had been moved to a new server in the past without notice, but this time, efforts to relocate them had been unsuccessful. When I talked with the author, Ken Jenks, an engineer with NASA working with their Space Biomedical Research Institute (SBRI), he told me that the Institute had been reorganized, and that he was no longer a part of it. The entire “Humans in Space” series had been discontinued because of SBRI’s new focus. (Follow this link for information on the new National Space Biomedical Research Institute, NSBRI, which is now independent of NASA; see the following link for more information on the author of this series, Ken Jenks.)

Because I thought this was a good introduction to the space life sciences and the physiological needs of human beings in spaceflight—as well as being the only “official” NASA article for the public addressing the interesting but controversial issue of sex in space on any level—I suggested that I might republish it on the Web. After all, I said, the Web is an outstanding tool for researchers, and it should be used for archival material that students and others might find inportant. Because documents produced by NASA and other U.S. government agencies are not copyrighted, that was not a problem, according to the author. Hence, they are being made available here, as much in their final original versions as possible (some photos were subject to copyright restrictions and may not be available; in addition, some minor format changes were made for clarity, such as reducing the size of some images). As time permits, I will also try to update the information contained here, which will be clearly designated as such. An additional document on the extremely important—but often neglected—issue of astronaut psychology, which was part of an earlier incarnation of the series, but which was not part of the final version as published by NASA, is also available here. I hope you enjoy this outstanding series by Ken Jenks on this most magnificent of human explorations and its contribution to science education. Ad astra et Terram!

—Raymond J. Noonan, Ph.D.         

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