Prof. Zorn's Voluntary Learning Paper (2 Required for Dev. Psy.)

The purpose of this paper is to give you an opportunity to express yourself and earn an extra quiz grade.

It is not required but counts as another quiz grade if you feel you need it.

Talk to me about it while you are writing. You are not required to write it in isolation, but it should reflect your thoughts.
Also, that you researched a topic.

I call it a "Learning Paper" because it should reflect something that you want to learn more deeply about in psychology. It is essentially a research paper.

1. Pick a topic in Psychology, one that you are very interested in and will enjoy researching. It can start with the textbook, especially later chapters. Use the Table of Contents as a guide first, then the index to focus your topic.

2. Explore the topic in the textbook and choose two more references about the subject from other sources. Learn what a professional "Journal" is and what are "primary" and "secondary" sources.

3. Learn about APA style of writing. Don't let this stop your writing. Express yourself freely and then ask me more about what APA style means.

The paper must be 5-10 (4-6, 5-8, 6-10 ask me) pages (never shorter, possibly longer).

The paper must be APA style, but write first and don't worry about APA style until you talk to me. I will help and teach you about it. Express yourself naturally first and then we can discuss revision and form.

The paper (-s) is not due until the day of our final quiz. You must hand in both a rough draft or outline/notes reflecting your thoughts and a typed, final draft. The rough draft will not be graded, the final draft will.

Do not wait to talk to me about it because I will help you get it done properly.


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