PR! A Social History Of Spin -Table of Contents



Part I. Stagecraft and Truth in an Age of Public Relations

Chapter 1. Visiting Edward Bernays
Chapter 2. Dealing in Reality: Protocols of Persuasion

Part II. "The Crowd is in the Saddle"-Progressive Politics and the Rise of Public Relations

Chapter 3. Truth Happens: An Age of Publicity Begins
Chapter 4. Controlling Chaos
Chapter 5. Educate the Public!
Chapter 6. House of Truth: The CPI and the First World War

Part III. Changing Rhetorics of Persuasion

Chapter 7. The Quest for the Public Mind
Chapter 8. Unseen Engineers: The Biography of an Idea
Chapter 9: Modern Pipelines of Persuasion
Chapter 10: Optical Illusions

Part IV. The Battle for the 'American Way'

Chapter 11. Silver Chains and Friendly Giants
Chapter 12. The Greater Good
Chapter 13: The New Deal and the Publicity of Social Enterprise,br> Chapter 14. Money Talks: The Publicity of Private Enterprise

Part V. Commercializing the Cosmos

Chapter 15: Public Ultimatums
Chapter 16: Engineering Consensus


The Public and Its Problems—Some Notes for the New Millennium

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© 1996, Stuart Ewen